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People steal WiFi all the time? Teach you how to prevent others from rubbing the net

In today's network era, almost every household will install a router, which can let us access the Internet wirelessly and facilitate the use of the family. So, when you enjoy the WiFi network, have you ever thought that the WiFi at home will be wiped away? Yes, since we have WiFi master key, our home network is easy to be rubbed by others. Next, the editor will teach you how to prevent them from rubbing the net.

The first one is to use WPA / wpa2-psk encryption. Generally speaking, the dawdle group uses fool cracking software, which can only crack the wireless signals encrypted by WEP; the slightly advanced dawdle group will use the packet grabbing tool to analyze the contents of the data package, so as to crack and get the WEP key. But if you use wpa-psk or wpa2-psk encryption, it is difficult for someone to rub against your network in general. This is the most effective way to stop rubbing the net at present! The setting method is also very simple, as long as you enter the wireless setting, change the encryption mode to wpa-psk, and then enter the key.

The second move -- turn off the SSID (network name) broadcast. After setting up wireless encryption, we need to start hiding ourselves. By turning off the SSID broadcast of the wireless routing / AP, it is difficult for the "network rubbing" person to find your wireless network when searching for the wireless, which also reduces the chance of your wireless network being "rubbed". Of course, it is also important to modify a personalized SSID, so as to prevent it from being guessed by those who 'rub the net'. The setting method is very simple. Enter the web configuration interface of wireless routing / AP, find the 'basic settings' menu, modify the SSID name, select' Disable SSID broadcast ', and then click OK.

What about? Have you learned how to prevent others from rubbing the net? Keep your WiFi at home so that we can imagine the Internet speed and enjoy it!