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Want to make your show better? Teach you how to make beautiful ppt

We usually need to use PPT to help us in speech, creativity or other design sharing soldiers. It can not only help us to transmit more information, but also a beautifully made PPT can play a good role in enhancing color. Next, the editor will teach you how to make beautiful slides.

Step 1: select a slide template. Add the slide template, the outline is available but the content needs to be added. In the menu "insert", you can insert more content objects such as "picture", "text box", "video", "audio", "table" and "icon".

Step 2: content filling. Now that the content is filled in, let's improve the animation of slides. In PowerPoint, there are 'custom animation' for the animation of objects alone. Where is the custom animation set for slides? In the menu 'animation', there is an 'add animation', which contains the 'Enter', 'emphasize' and 'exit' animation of an object. When you want to animate an object, click your object (text, image, chart), and then click an animation in 'add animation' (for example, 'Enter' and 'fade out').

Step 3: set up slide animation to make slide. Now, a basic model of your slide is out. At this time, you can click "start from scratch" in "slide show" to show your slide file, and the slide presentation will be played in full screen.

Step 4: preview ppt. At this time, you may think that one slide still needs to click to the next slide. How to make the slide play automatically? We can set the following: in the menu "switch", there is a "change mode" of "set auto change time", which can set the seconds of your slide switch, and also can select a slide switch animation effect in the "switch scheme".

Step 5: set up slide auto switch and switch effect. Now preview the slide again. If the effect is satisfactory, save the slide. How to save the slide after making: click the menu 'file', choose 'Save' or 'save as', and then the name of the slide in the open dialog box.

Finally, the first step is to save the slides. Have you learned how to make ppt after reading the introduction of Xiaobian?