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Cut it out. Bring it up to the size you want

Sometimes, we will find a problem after taking a picture: the size of this picture is not what I want? What can I do? Don't worry. Xiaobian will help you.

First of all, we can install a PS or other p-chart software on the computer. In fact, the specific operations are almost the same. Let me take PS for example! Use it to adjust photos. If we use software to cut, it will be more convenient. PS is a software I recommend you to use, which is very easy to use. After downloading it from the computer manager, open PS, click file and select the photo to be adjusted.

Then, click the image in PS, and a dialog box will appear. You can select the image size again, and the pixel size box will appear. At this time, enter the width and height of the photo you want. If you want a larger size, you can increase the value and the picture will be larger. If you want a smaller picture, you can also turn the value down. Height and width can be edited according to their own needs. The size of the picture depends on what you like.

Last but not least, it's about saving pictures. Don't forget to save your photos after you have resized them. Don't underestimate this last step, or it will fail! Of course, some P-map software you click save, need to save as other files. Then open it for use. It can't be separated from its origin. The general operation is the same.

The above is the basic steps for you to adjust the size of photos. Next time I take a picture of Meimei, if the size is not satisfactory, please remember to try it!