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The culprit of beauty is the stain! The secret recipe of dispelling the stain that can make you rega

Every girl wants to have a clean and flawless face, which is an important capital for us to show our beauty. However, with the change of time, some blemishes will inevitably appear on our faces. In addition to the usual stay up late and the sun, the color spots will gradually appear on our faces. At this time, what should we do? Next, the editor will teach you how to save our face spots, let us regain confidence.

Secret recipe 1: salt freckle removing method. The salt we usually eat has the effect of removing spots. Specific methods: salt one teaspoon, angelica powder six teaspoons, chrysanthemum powder three teaspoons, white vinegar half teaspoon, mix and add water into paste, apply to the spot on the face, once every other day.

Secret recipe two: Tea Mask. We need to mix 1 teaspoon flour and 1 yolk, then add 1 teaspoon green tea powder. Put it evenly on the cleaned face and wash it in 20 minutes. You can also mix sugar tea soup 1 spoons and flour 1 spoons, make a mask 15 to 20 minutes after washing your face. It can eliminate acne and grease.

Secret recipe 3: brown sugar freckle removing method. Pour about a teaspoon of brown sugar into a mixing bowl. Pour honey three times the size of brown sugar. If your skin is delicate, add more honey. Stir well and let stand for five minutes. The honey with brown sugar on the top layer is a good detoxification and live face scrub! Apply it on the wet face and massage gently and then rinse. Brown sugar contains a variety of nutrients, but it plays a unique role in nourishing skin. The mask not only makes skin smooth and beautiful, but also promotes skin metabolism.

The above is a small method recommended by Xiaobian for you to remove color spots, isn't it very simple? Take care of your face. Start with natural tricks. You may as well try beauty!