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How to write poetry? A few tricks teach you to be a poet quickly.

In today's rapid social life, people think about how to efficiently complete the tasks issued by the leadership, how to promote quickly, how to raise salary quickly. But few people think about how to write poetry quickly. In fact, to be able to write a good poem in this era undoubtedly adds a lot of sparkle to myself. People will look at you with admiration and admiration.

if you want to write a poem, you must have a certain feeling in your heart. When you travel, you will be shocked by the scenery in front of you when you see the beautiful scenery and the winding water of magnificent mountains and rivers. Let's make a sound from the inside out! Beautiful! This is the wonder of nature. After you see these scenes, you can write a poem about your inner thoughts. In terms of language, it is short and pithy. The first two sentences describe the beautiful scenery you see. The last two sentences express your feelings and improve the realm of poetry.

If you want to write a poem, you should have a certain literary accomplishment. When we hear about literary accomplishment, we may shrink back. I thought to myself, what I have learned before has been returned to my teacher, and what literary accomplishment there is. In fact, Xiaobian wants to say that some of the books you have read before have been forgotten, but they have been transformed into another thing, which is imperceptibly affecting you in your mind, which you cannot feel. As the saying goes, if you can read three hundred Tang poems well, you can't write them and you can sing them. This is the subtle effect of these poems on you.

If you want to write a poem, you need to understand the pattern of poetry. If you want to write an ancient poem, then you should pay attention to the rhyme of the poem. Compared with the ancient poem, the modern poem has less requirements for the rhyme and does not have a very strict format. It's good to express your inner thoughts and feelings boldly. No matter what, keep practicing. I believe that one day, you will become a shining poet.