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Some guys look at their faces, but some like their fingers

Boys all say that 'girls are the hardest creatures to understand'. Today's editor thinks that 'boys are the hardest creatures to understand'. Believe it or not, the research on boys has come to hand. Boys and girls are very different creatures. It's really hard to understand each other clearly!

I remember a boy told a joke a long time ago, which impressed Xiaobian very much. In a campaign, the boy asked all the students at the scene a question, 'did you find out what I'm good at? 'we didn't find anything, and then he said,' didn't we find out what I was good at? "And there was laughter. If you put it in now, you can change it to "finger specialty!"! 'this joke is very good.

Not long ago, Xiaobian received a fairy's question: what does a boy's finger length represent? , Xiaobian is also curious to check it. Let's talk about it.

1. Finger length, which is a congenital gene, represents that the boy's parents have a finger specialty, and the finger length is very beautiful. If you want to be a boyfriend and girlfriend, you can bring some hand cream when you visit, which is warm and intimate. This is just a personal idea of Xiaobian, whether to adopt or not to customize.

2. The long fingers of boys will be very delicate and beautiful. Many girls are 'hand-held'. It's very convenient to find a girlfriend. She is born with a hand model. She doesn't need to pay for taking photos. How nice.

3. Boys have long fingers. From the perspective of fortune telling, they are gifted, intelligent and benevolent. They are not hardworking people who eat technical food.

Now that the research on boys has come to the finger, Xiaobian suddenly thinks of '100000 why'. People always have a lot of questions, but also a lot of questions waiting to be answered. Do you still satisfied with Xiaobian's answers? The boy's fingers are very beautiful. Wang Kai, the actor who exploded in the fire some time ago, has a pair of slender and beautiful hands, which has attracted countless' hand control 'fans to go crazy for him. If the boy you like also has slender fingers, you should also go crazy to call for him.