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Do a good job of repairing after sun exposure, and don't be afraid that the skin will turn black

It's hot in summer, with strong solar radiation. It's the season most girls don't love. In summer, girls would like to stay away from home forever, so that they won't be exposed to the sun, but it's impossible. It's really unpleasant to look at the tanned skin after sun exposure, so how to whiten quickly after sun exposure? In fact, it's very simple. Xiaobian lists the quick whitening methods for you after sun exposure.

One of the fast whitening methods after sun exposure: exfoliate. Many people feel that after tanning, as if the second layer of skin has grown on the surface of the skin, it is dry and dark. This is because the sun causes the fusion of melanin and old horniness. To quickly whiten, first remove these old horniness.

The second method of fast whitening after sun exposure: replenish water to skin. UV light will take away moisture from the skin, so a large amount of water needs to be replenished at this time, and make-up water needs to be used; try to choose a make-up water with vitamin C composition, which will have better repair effect; you can also eat sunscreen. Drink a cup of tomato drink after sunburn, not only can make up water, but also play a role in whitening and sunscreen.

Quick whitening method after Sun: Three: apply the mask. Mask is really a favorite skin care product for girls. At the same time, mask is the most effective method of Intensive Whitening. Try to choose a 3D solid cut mask. It will be more suitable for skin. When applying the mask and finishing the mask, you need to cooperate with some massage techniques to help these ingredients into the skin and repel melanin.

After the sun fast whitening method four: do a good job of repair. Night is the best time to repair the skin, and yogurt dressing is a good idea to repair after sun exposure. Just soak the cotton pad in the yogurt, then take it out and stick it on your face for 10-15 minutes. It can not only enhance the skin's resistance to ultraviolet rays, but also reduce sunburn. Night care is very important. If you do well in night care, your skin will be more white and tender.