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No shortcut to learning English

Learning a foreign language can greatly improve their ability of communication. It is said that learning English is difficult. In fact, learning any foreign language is difficult for foreigners to learn Chinese? After entering high school, English is obviously much more complicated than junior high school, which is better in grammar, text, vocabulary and other aspects. How to learn high school English well? There is no shortcut to learning a language, but only hard and unremitting efforts. How to learn English besides that?

Learning English Method 1: recite the word text. This is the most basic learning method. It may be stupid, but it is the way to learn in the primary stage. Words are the basis of English learning. Reciting the text is one of the best ways to consolidate grammar and language sense. The vocabulary and proficiency of the words have not reached a certain level. When you hear the words, you cannot respond. You must strengthen the memory and review of the words.

Learning English Method 2: watching movies. The exciting technology in American blockbusters is eye-catching. It's not only fun to watch movies to learn English, but also to improve your English. From the simple beginning, don't watch the subtitles first, and then compare the answers after you think about it. The reaction speed may be slow at the beginning, but it will be strengthened gradually.

Learning English method three: learning grammar. There are grammar and example sentences at the end of each lesson. First of all, we should understand some analysis and example sentences of grammar, and then we should practice sentence making by ourselves, just like we did in primary school. It's better to find a teacher to help you see if the sentence grammar is not correct, and if there are any problems, don't be afraid of being embarrassed. Slowly, from the simple start, keep practicing, we will get To improve.

Learning Japanese method 4: with the help of learning software. Listen to English lessons on the way to school, or copy the audio to the walkman. You can listen to it when you have lunch, a nap, or a walk in the park. By spending an hour a day studying, you can accumulate more grammar knowledge, common phrases and useful vocabulary.