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Unlocking the charm index of kissing the neck, a new skill of flirting with Chinese characters, is d

Thinking of kissing the neck, Xiaobian's brain automatically bounced out a term -- vampire, according to normal people's habits, kissing is not all contracted by the mouth? How can I kiss my neck? When I think of this little editor, I can't help thinking about vampire. Vampire is a product of western culture. Vampire is a noble, elegant and gentlemanly term. It once became popular in China. At that time, little editor also watched many TV plays and movies related to vampire, so when it comes to kissing the neck, I think of vampire. In vampire tv series, when kissing the neck, we all take a breath of cold air. In real life, boys are kissing the neck by girls, so when we're afraid of it, we'll burn with passion! Today, let's talk about what a pro boy's neck stands for.

Kissing is a very intimate act. Kissing the neck is even more intimate. Girls kiss boys' necks, proving that girls are a very gentle person, kissing the neck can give boys a more comfortable feeling. Try to think about it. One cold winter night, boys and girls are dating in the park. Girls kiss boys' necks and blow the heat towards their necks. Is it very warm and hot.

Couples get along with each other for a long time, and they can't find the feeling of kissing, so they will change their way of kissing. The girl will kiss the boy's neck, and the boy will find a new feeling of electric shock, which means that the girl is very concerned about the feeling of her boyfriend, and the feeling of getting along with each other, so this is a post boy who will study hard, why not you?

If the girl kisses the boy's neck without confirming the relationship, the girl is too brave. I guess the boy is scared. This proves that a girl wants to establish a relationship with you, and she is braver than you. You dare not even kiss. People even kiss their necks. Do you feel her touching you?

It's out to lose kissing. Now it's popular to kiss the neck. When a girl kisses a boy's neck, it means: this girl wants to lift you!