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How do I change my computer IP address? Do you know these methods?

In the 21st century with the development of science and technology, we can't live without mobile phones and computers. They have become a part of our lives. How much do you know about your computer? Sometimes, we need to change the IP address of our computer. When we hear the term IP address, we are really confused. What is IP? How to change it? In fact, this is not difficult. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the method of changing IP address for you, hoping to help you.

When we want to change the IP address of the computer, we should first turn on the computer to ensure that the computer has sufficient power and will not interrupt your operation due to sudden shutdown. Then move the mouse over the "network neighborhood" on the desktop, right-click it, and a selection interface will pop up, select "properties", and two pictures of the same computer will appear, the first one is called wireless network connection 2, and the second one is called local connection. The IP settings of the two are the same.

Double click local connection to enter the local connection status interface. We can see the IP address we are looking for. Here we will show two IP addresses, one for our computer and the other for our router. The editor told you that "IP address" represents the IP address of our computer and "default gateway" represents the IP address of our router. We must distinguish each other.

After double clicking "local connection" to enter the local connection status, we can also see "properties", then click "properties" to enter the interface of modifying IP address, and then click "Internet Protocol", an interface of modifying IP address will pop up. After modifying the IP address in the interface, click "confirm".