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How does iPad escape from prison? All the ways you don't know are here

An original iPad will have a lot of time limits, which will make us unable to play what we want to play. At this time, we can solve our problems through prison break. In other words, some software is very expensive on the iPad, but I don't want to pay for it. What should I do? That's prison break, of course. When it comes to prison break, do you feel a little scared? Don't worry, this escape doesn't mean that prisoner escapes from prison as we usually say. When our iPad is subject to many restrictions, we need to escape from this limitation. This is the iPad escape today.

If you want to escape from prison, it's not as simple as shouting 'I want to escape'. First of all, you need to make sure that your system can escape from prison. Now XP or win7 can do it. Then we need to prepare several escape software, such as Java, autossh_rc2 and spirit.

Before we escape from prison, we need to back up the files. The first step is to press the dot + on / off key. Press it for a longer time. It's OK to go to your iPad black screen. Then release the key and wait for a few seconds. IPad can enter DFU mode. The second step is to run the autoshh_rc2.exe software, and then two windows will appear, the first one is to click "OK" and the second one is "yes", so that the backup is completed.

We started to escape. Before we escape, we need to make sure that our iPad is in the normal boot mode, otherwise we will fail to escape. Step 1: win7 users right click spirit.exe, and then select Properties compatibility. Check before 'run this program in compatibility mode', and then select Windows 98 mode. In the second step, we open spirit.exe and click on jailbreak directly. The third step is to wait for the escape to be completed. It will take about one minute. Sometimes, some of my friends' iPads are waiting for more than three minutes, and we have to restart them. After that, I see Cydia icon on the desktop, which means the escape is successful.