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How do we exist? Everyone is a different kind of fireworks

Thinking and being are two basic relations of philosophy, but they are also problems worthy of our consideration. How can we as human beings exist in this society? How to exist is a problem worthy of consideration. How does it exist? Everyone is a unique individual, a unique existence. Now I will discuss with you how to exist.

First of all, we should be confident and unique in this society. There are no two identical faces or two identical people in the world. Even twins have different places. Human beings are not the product of cloning. As a unique individual, we should learn to be confident, as the lyrics say: 'I am me, a fireworks of different colors. We should recognize our own uniqueness and difference, build up our self-confidence and correctly understand ourselves.

Secondly. We should exist independently in society. Everyone should learn to be independent. Parents give us life and nurture us to grow up. But one day, our parents will leave us, and we will always learn to grow up by ourselves. We must grow independently. We must form a good habit of independence in our daily life. We should do our own things, not rely too much on our parents and other people, and learn to choose and be independent ourselves.

Then, we should exist in this society sincerely. What is sincerity? Sincerity means sincerity to others and to oneself. Treat others with a childlike heart, and we will also reap the childlike heart of others. A gift of roses will give us a fragrance in our hands. The world needs a little more sincerity and love, so the world will be much warmer. Being sincere to others also requires us to be sincere to ourselves. To treat yourself sincerely is to be able to see yourself clearly and dare to face up to your shortcomings, which is called sincerity.

Each of us is a unique individual, and each of us has its own value in the world. Our own value needs to be realized and created by ourselves. How do we exist? It's all up to you. Create your own value, come on!