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How to change QQ password? It's safe and convenient to change the password

QQ as a social tool can be said to be very popular, almost all the old women, the old and the young are using it, and it is also the youth memory of the post-80s and post-90s. Everyone may have spent the night chatting with friends, QQ has become a very good tool for us to make friends. However, in the process of using QQ, we will inevitably forget the password accidentally. When we forget the password and don't want to give up the account, how can we change the QQ password? You don't have to worry. There are many ways to change the password in QQ. Xiaobian now to share QQ password change method!

First, we can change our password through QQ security center. QQ security center ensures our QQ security and helps us maintain the normal operation of QQ. When we want to change the QQ password, we can come to the QQ security center to change it. So where is the QQ security center? The security center is in our QQ settings. We click settings to find the security center of the settings page. After we click, we find password management, and then we can start to change the password. This is the first way to change the password.

Secondly, we can change our password by receiving the verification code through the secure mobile phone. QQ is in the process of continuous development. Now we can change our password through the secret phone. Usually our QQ can be bound to our mobile phone. As long as our mobile phone number doesn't change, we can receive the verification code to change the password quickly. You can try this method.

Then, we can change the password through QQ complaint. When our QQ password is lost or frozen, we can consider changing the password by appealing. QQ software account and password can be found through complaints. We usually get back the password by appealing the account number.

These are the QQ quick password changing methods that Xiaobian wants to share with you. If you want to change the password, you can try these methods, hoping to help you.