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How to make zongzi? Several small ways to make delicate and delicious zongzi

Zongzi is a traditional Chinese food and a symbol of Dragon Boat Festival. When Dragon Boat Festival comes, every family should make zongzi and eat zongzi. Although zongzi is delicious, the process of making zongzi is troublesome. Many people buy ready-made zongzi directly for convenience, and few people will make zongzi. Making zongzi is a tradition that cannot be lost. How can we make zongzi? Xiaobian will introduce the methods and steps of making zongzi.

First of all, the first step of making zongzi is to prepare the ingredients. We usually prepare glutinous rice and zongzi leaves. So let's talk about how to prepare glutinous rice and Zongye. If the glutinous rice and Zongye are fresh, we usually need to wash the glutinous rice and prepare the fresh Zongye. We need to soak zongzi leaves in alkali. After soaking, clean the leaves. When all this is ready, the first step is done.

Second, we can start the second step. The second step is to mix the filling. The stuffing of zongzi influences the taste of zongzi very much. We can make our favorite taste according to our personal preference. Generally, the common filling of zongzi is peanut filling, meat filling, chestnut filling and sesame filling.

Then, we can proceed to the third step. The third step is to start making zongzi. There are many ways to make zongzi. The common zongzi are cone-shaped zongzi and square zongzi. Xiaobian will tell you how to make tapered zongzi. We usually need to cross and overlap the leaves, and then fold them into a cone. You can put glutinous rice later. We quickly fill the glutinous rice into the zongzi leaves, and then roll up the redundant places on both sides of the zongzi according to the spiral method. After rolling up, we can use the zongzi leaves to tie up the zongzi. After the zongzi is tied tightly, it will be successful. We can put it in the pot and cook it, and then we can eat it.

These are the steps and methods of making zongzi that Xiaobian shared with you. If you have nothing to do, you can try to make zongzi. I hope you can succeed!