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Prevent Alzheimer's disease and enjoy life in old age

The machine is losing its life in continuous use. The human body is just like the machine. After the age is getting bigger, all the body functions of the human body will decline obviously, and even Alzheimer's disease will appear. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job in preventing Alzheimer's disease in life. If suffering from Alzheimer's disease, not only their own health, but also their families to torture, then how to prevent Alzheimer's disease?

Prevention of Alzheimer's method 1: appropriate tonic, enhance memory. As the saying goes, 'medicine is not as good as food', so you can choose your own tonic according to your own economic situation and your own constitution. You can choose tonics such as American ginseng, Korean ginseng, Maka, pilose antler and sea cucumber with moderate price and good effect, which is very helpful to improve memory and enhance immunity.

The second way to prevent Alzheimer's disease is to balance diet and work and rest rules. Eat more brain friendly food. Walnuts enjoy the reputation of "longevity fruit" and "wisdom fruit". The phosphorus in walnuts has a good health care effect on brain nerve cells. Regular consumption of walnuts can not only strengthen the body, but also delay aging, which is more beneficial to enhance the vitality of brain function. In addition, work and rest regularly. Don't stay up late. Many old people have insomnia. If you can't sleep, don't stay up. Lying in bed is also a kind of rest.

The third way to prevent Alzheimer's disease: optimistic and cheerful, happy mood. A person who is optimistic and has a good mentality will be less sick, because laughter itself is a kind of exercise beneficial to physical and mental health. A happy mood will not invade all diseases. A person who is depressed in body and mind is indeed easy to cause Alzheimer's disease, because he has mental disorders and does not communicate with the outside world. Only when we are open-minded, happy and optimistic can we be healthy forever.

The fourth way to prevent Alzheimer's disease: keep exercise and energy. In fact, people are just like a machine. Alzheimer's disease is actually a part of the organs of people have malfunctioned. When they are young, they are too tired. When they retire, they are free. When they stay at home, their body parts are not running smoothly, so they are prone to problems. Appropriate exercise, exercise can stimulate the vitality of cells, make people energetic, far away from the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.