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Meet confused mother to be? These are ways to let you know if you are pregnant

In many cases, many expectant mothers don't know that they are pregnant, because they don't feel anything at the beginning of pregnancy, and they are usually confused. If you don't know that you are pregnant, you will have the same lifestyle as before, which may cause harm to your baby. So what's the way to tell if you're pregnant? Next, Xiaobian will introduce several ways to judge your pregnancy. Friends who are interested will come to have a look with Xiaobian.

Method 1: common sense method. If you want to know whether you are pregnant, you need to have some common sense in these aspects. First of all, pregnant people's menstruation will hear. If you find your menstruation is late and you have sex during this period, you need to pay attention. Of course, pregnancy is not the only symptom. In the early stage of pregnancy, there will be nausea and vomiting, taste mutation, fatigue, frequent urination, breast pain and other symptoms. If you have the above symptoms, no accident, then you should be pregnant.

Method 2: pregnancy test. If you have an idea that you may be pregnant but are not sure, you can use a pregnancy test stick. Generally speaking, the pregnancy test stick will not go wrong. If there are two lines on the pregnancy test stick, you are pregnant. If there is only one line, you are not pregnant. When using the pregnancy test stick, you need to use morning urine to get more accurate results.

Method 3: B ultrasonic examination. This method can be said to be the most accurate confirmation method. If you want to know whether you are pregnant, you can go to the hospital directly to have a B-ultrasonic examination to know whether you are pregnant.

These three methods are step by step. Generally speaking, only mothers to be in the first condition will start using pregnancy test stick and then go to the hospital for examination.