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Learn to meditate correctly, maintain health, prolong life and cultivate mind

Meditation is also called "meditation" and "meditation". A basic way of cultivation in Taoism. In Buddhism, it is called "Zen sitting" or "meditation", which is a compulsory part of Zen Buddhism. Meditation is a health and fitness method. Sit with eyes closed and knees crossed, adjust the breath in and out, put your hands in a certain position, don't want anything. It can not only nourish the body and prolong life, but also develop wisdom and wisdom. In the cultivation of Chinese martial arts, meditation is also a way to cultivate internal skills, cultivate the mind and strengthen the mind. So how to meditate?

The first step of meditation: the first step of bipedal training. Before meditating, put on loose clothes and prepare cushions. The next step is to take a seat. You can use single plate or double plate climbing. It's better to use double plate, because it can quickly make your body and mind peaceful. First place the left foot on the right leg, and then place the right foot on the left foot, which is called King Kong sitting. First place the right foot on the left leg, and then place the left foot on the right foot, which is called Ruyi sitting. Both sitting positions can be used, and can also rotate in case of leg pain. If you can't double, use a single.

Step 2 of meditation: straighten the spine and stretch the shoulders. That is, straighten your spine, lift your head up like a crane, so that the cavity in the middle of your body is in a state of unobstructed, impartial and straight. Shoulders should be relaxed and sagged, but do not hold your chest up. When meditators sit in meditation, their hands are slightly raised, their shoulders are slightly backward, and their shoulders and armpits are empty. From the outside, the shoulder is a parallel line; from the back, the shoulder is round.

The third step of meditation: close your head and eyes slightly. Head straight, chin slightly forward, back brain slightly back. If the head is crooked, and the waist cannot form a hollow straight line, it is most likely to faint at this time. When meditating, first fix your eyes, and then slowly half close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed and don't droop. Only when your eyes are fixed and bright can you obey the rules. If you look down, just sit and rest. The eyes are slightly open, as if closed or open, as if half open and half closed.

Step four of meditation: peace of mind. Next is the key, which is to let oneself be in a state of no thought. As the observer of his body, the mind looks at him quietly, without thinking, without tension, without curiosity, without awareness, without silence, without desire, without disorder.