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The eyes are the window of the heart. Don't let the wrinkles of the eyes destroy the beauty

Eye wrinkles are small lines and wrinkles formed due to the influence of the external environment on the skin around the eyes and the formation of free radicals, which destroy the collagen and active substances in the normal cell membrane tissue and oxidize the cells. Eye wrinkles are generally located in the eyelids, and are common in 1 / 3 of the upper eyelids. Eye wrinkles are also the 'culprit' of aging. Eyes are the window of the soul. How can ugly wrinkles destroy the beauty? Let's learn a small way to remove eye wrinkles.

Eye application of cucumber slices: cucumber slices have the effect of hydrating and moisturizing, and they are cheap and easy to buy. It is suggested that you stick some cucumber slices under the eyes before you go to bed. Long term adherence can reduce the beauty effect of eye bags. Of course, you can also use figs slices instead of cucumber slices. You can also soak papaya and mint in hot water together. After cooling, you can stick to applying them on the skin for a long time, which can also reduce the cost The effect of light wrinkles.

Flower and grass eye application method: for the lower eye bag, we can use chamomile, superior black tea or rose, or warm castor oil or olive oil. Wet the eye bag for 15 minutes to several hours every day, these substances can effectively solve the problem of the pouch under the eye. In addition, when using cream or oil skin care products on the face, the beauty loving women must pay attention to tapping the vulnerable parts around the eyes when patting the skin with their hands, so as to avoid pulling down the eyelids at will or stretching them out excessively.

Pay attention to diet and nutrition: the appearance of eye wrinkles has a lot to do with daily diet. We can often chew carrots, celery or chewing gum. Eat some colloid, high-quality protein, animal liver, tomatoes, potatoes and other foods, pay attention to the dietary balance, and pay attention to provide necessary nutrients for the regeneration of eye tissue, which helps to eliminate the lower pouch.