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Do you know the right way to wear silk stockings? Come and have a look if you don't know

No matter in summer or winter, girls like to wear silk stockings when wearing skirts, which can not only cover the leg's unsmooth, chicken skin and other defects, but also make the legs look more sexy and charming. But many girls don't know the right way to wear silk stockings. The silk stockings are always scratched. When the silk stockings are scratched, they look very ugly and give a bad impression. So what is the right way to wear stockings? Come and have a look!

First of all, before we wear stockings, we must check our nails. If you have short nails, it's better to polish them to be more round and smooth. If you have long nails, it's better to cut them off. But I think most girls are not willing to cut their long nails, so you must be careful to polish your nails, make them as smooth and smooth as possible, and don't let your nails have the chance to scratch the stockings.

Second, in addition to fingernails, we should pay special attention to toenails. Toenails do not advocate long nails. We must cut the toenails short. Otherwise, it is not only easy to scratch the stockings, but also a feeling of unsanitary and unsightly when wearing sandals. Maintain your foot skin at ordinary times. Don't forget your foot every day when you apply body milk after bath. It's the key to leg beauty to regularly remove aged dead skin.

Third, after we are ready, we can start wearing stockings. First we should talk about stockings, roll them up, start from tiptoe, wear them slowly, adjust the stockings of feet and ankles, try to smooth them, and then slowly lift them up. When you wear them, they must be slow.

These are all the steps of wearing silk stockings. Do you know if you have learned them?