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Waist muscle is the source of upper body strength. Are you still ignoring it?

More and more fast rhythm makes more and more people appear various situations, so fitness has become the first choice for many people, but many beginners often ignore the waist muscle exercise, more towards the strong chest muscle, strong arm muscle and charming abdominal muscle. But the waist muscle is the source of upper body strength, so it is necessary to exercise the waist muscle well. In addition, people with poor waist often feel weak and can't sit for long. Many of the daily movements rely on the waist and the waist as a support to complete. Therefore, the waist is a very important part of our fitness. We need to exercise the waist muscles safely and healthily.

Barbell sitting rotation method: the barbell sitting rotation can make the external oblique muscles more compact. First of all, we sat at one end of the stool, feet square on the floor comfortably separated, will be a straight bar cross frame behind the shoulders, hands hold both ends. At this time, we should make sure that the head does not move and the pelvis does not slide on the stool, and turn our upper body to a large extent in one direction. This method can not only contract the external oblique muscles of the abdomen, but also can not increase the extra size, making the waist thicker. Girls who love beauty can try it.

Plate support method: plate support can tighten the core muscles of waist, abdomen and thigh buttocks. To do this, we need to keep the head, upper back and buttocks in a straight line, elbows directly below the shoulders, and the back supported by the toes. At the same time, we need to tighten the buttocks and abdomen.

Swimming style lifter: swimming style lifter mainly exercises the waist from the angle of oblique line. It needs to keep the balance of the body like the freestyle hands and feet, mainly exercises the muscles of the back waist or lower back. First of all, lie on the ground with your arms extended and your shoulders and legs slightly off the ground. Secondly, tighten the abdomen and buttocks, keep the neck in a straight line with the spine, slowly raise the left hand and right leg, then restore them, and then carry out the opposite movement. Sports need long-term persistence, but don't give up easily.