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How to look at face? We need to know how to look

Looking at face is a popular folk knowledge in ancient times. The ancients paid attention to the 'divine power' and believed in the 'theory of destiny', believing that everything was destined. They often judge a person's fate and character by looking at their faces. Face is very important in feudal society. The idea of judging people by their faces is deeply rooted and still has an impact on people. So how do we look at faces? Don't worry, Xiaobian is going to share face-to-face methods with you.

First of all, looking at faces requires us to master certain knowledge and theoretical basis of looking at faces. Facial features are mainly based on the theory of yin and Yang and five elements. Pay attention to the harmony of yin and Yang and five elements. The theory of Yin-Yang and five elements is a kind of ancient philosophy, and its theoretical system is very large, so we need to study it carefully. Only in this way can we master the essence of face.

Second, we need to know what faces look like. Look at the face is mainly to look at our facial features and the twelve chambers. People who look at our faces mainly judge our character and destiny according to our five senses and the twelfth court. Generally speaking, we see more facial features. That's all we need to know. We can learn to look at faces only when we know what they look at.

Although looking at the face is an ancient philosophy and a folk knowledge, it is no longer suitable for today. Today is a scientific society, we should believe in science and technology. Our character and destiny should be chosen by ourselves, created by ourselves, not determined by face. We need to look at it correctly, understand it correctly and look at its face, not believe it blindly.