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How do college students apply for student loans? The application procedure of student loan

Now, the state has implemented the project of applying for student loan for the students with family financial difficulties, and has given some economic support to the poor students. So, how to apply for student loans for new college students? Now, the editor will tell you about the procedure of applying for student loan.

First of all, college students applying for student loans should be full-time junior college students, vocational students, graduate students or master's students. They must be citizens of the people's Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and they must have family economic difficulties.

To apply for student loan, the following conditions shall be met: (1) a citizen of the people ' Finish school; (5) the funds that can be raised due to the family's financial difficulties are not enough to cover the basic cost of study and living (including tuition, accommodation and basic living expenses) during the period of study in school.

In the first few days after the start of the new semester, the student himself / herself directly applies to the special window of his / her school for student loan, which requires the following materials: (1) application form for national student loan; (2) copy of student card, ID card / household register (the minor must provide the valid ID certificate of legal guardian and the written statement of consent to apply for loan); (3) civil affairs through towns or streets The investigation form of college students and their families verified and confirmed by the Department.

Generally, the amount of student loans is between 1000-6000, and each school has different requirements according to its own situation, requiring students to pay off six years after graduation. The interest generated is borne by the students and the state by 50%. The application form for national student loan, the letter of commitment for national student loan and the supporting materials for difficulties provided by the street or administrative village where you are located shall be filled in.

After the examination of the relevant departments of the school, students can take the relevant materials approved by the school to the designated bank, and sign the relevant loan contract with the bank At the time of signing the contract, it is necessary to see clearly that there are various repayment methods on it, which are generally paid off within six years at most. At the end of the repayment period, if you are unable to pay off, you can apply to the bank, but the country will no longer bear the corresponding interest subsidy within the following period.

The above is about the procedure of college students applying for student loans, which is a national aid project for college students in need. If you need it again, you must take good advantage of this opportunity!