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How to get bitcoin for free

Since the concept of bitcoin came out in 2009, bitcoin has been on a long way, unstoppable. As bitcoin becomes more valuable. Even Aunt Wang, a square dancer, is asking how to get bitcoin. Today, Xiaobian has collected 4 free ways to get bitcoin for your reference.

The first is mining. Participating in the mining pool is the best way to get bitcoin. At present, the price of bitcoin mining machine varies from 2300 yuan to 200000 yuan. It doesn't need the high performance of a computer, not to mention the electricity fee. It is reported that 3.5 bitcoins can be dug every 100 days. Why don't you try?

The second way is to use bitcoin to earn interest. Using bitcoin to earn interest is a way to get bitcoin, but investors need to pay attention to it, because if BTC is sent out of your wallet, it's like splashing water. It's hard to recover. Don't expect others to give it back to you kindly. Therefore, it is necessary to lend bitcoin with guarantee. You can choose P2P lending website, such as btcjam, bitbond, etc.

The third way is reward. How to get bitcoin, bitcoin reward is a good way. Change IP, a company on the market, allows users to tip bitcoin on social media.

The fourth method -- bitcoin website. To obtain bitcoin on bitcoin website, you need to complete a small task. The amount of bitcoin awarded is based on bit, usually between 0.000001 and 0.00001. After you get multiple tasks, the website will exchange them into a certain number of BTC coins and send them to users.

The above are four free ways to get bitcoin. Editor to remind you that according to bitcoin's current market, the value is not to be underestimated!