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How to always forget to turn off the computer? How to turn off the computer regularly

Nowadays, computers are more and more popular in our life. Sometimes, when we want to open a file and process it, we have to leave. Sometimes we want to watch a video and fall asleep. What should we do? We can't keep the computer on all the time, which will not only consume electricity, but also affect the life of the computer. In this case, we can set a time off for the computer. Next, let's see how to operate with Xiaobian!

The first method is to press' Win + R '(Note: win refers to the windows logo key, the most obvious identification of which is that there is a Windows logo on the key face). At this time, the' run 'dialog box will pop up, and enter' shutdown-s-t 600 'in the edit bar of the dialog box (Note: no quotation marks, there is a space in front of' - s' - t 'and' 600 ', where the number represents the time in seconds, such as 600 represents 10 minutes), and then click "confirm" to complete the setting. At this time, a system prompt dialog box will pop up, prompting that the system will close within 10 minutes.

The second method -- press' Win + R 'to open the run dialog. Enter 'at 22:00 shutdown - s' in the dialog box. The '22:00' is changed to the specific time you want to shut down) then click 'OK', and you will see a black system command operation box flashes and disappears, indicating that the setting is successful.

So, if we want to cancel the computer's timed shutdown settings, what should we do? Don't worry, Xiaobian will tell you later. Similarly, press' Win + R 'first to open the run dialog. Enter 'shutdown - a' in the dialog box, note: quotation marks are not entered. Click OK. At the bottom right of the system, you will be prompted to cancel the scheduled shutdown. The cancellation is finished here.

What about? After reading the above methods, have you learned? You can quickly and small get this new skill, let your computer become more intelligent!