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Rice is good mainly depends on water content. Do you know how to test the water content of rice?

As we all know, the main ingredients in rice are protein, water and starch. The moisture contained in rice is directly related to the safety of rice. Strictly speaking, if the moisture content of rice is higher than 14.5%, the rice will be moldy. If the moisture content of rice is less than 14.5%, it is relatively safe. But many times when we buy rice, we don't have any equipment around, so it's hard to judge whether the rice is safe or not. Let's introduce several methods to tell you whether the moisture content of rice is high or not. Let's have a look!

First of all, the first method is to judge the quality of rice by watching. First, take a handful of rice, then put it in the palm, spread the rice in the palm, and then observe its appearance. Generally, the surface of low moisture rice is smooth and lustrous, with a little bran powder on it. If it is high moisture rice, the color of rice is very dim, and there is no luster. There is little or no bran powder on it.

The second method, we can try the most entrance, take a few grains of rice, then put them into the mouth, chew them slowly, feel whether the rice is crisp, bite it off from the middle, see if it is hard enough and there will be powder after the bite off, if so, it means that the rice is better and the moisture content is low. If you don't feel crisp and hard when biting, it means that the rice has high moisture content and is not a good rice.

The third method can be tried by hand. Insert a finger into the rice pile gently. If it is not easy to insert, it means that the moisture content is high. It can also hold rice tightly. If it is not sticky and fresh, it means the moisture content is low.