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The corn is delicious, but it's not easy to teach you how to solve it easily

Corn, also known as "Bangzi", "Baogu", "pearl rice" and "Baomi", is an important food crop and feed crop, as well as the highest total yield crop in the world. Its planting area and total yield are second only to rice and wheat. Corn has always been known as a long-lived food, which is rich in protein, fat, vitamins, cellulose, trace elements and so on. It has great potential to develop high nutrition, high biological function food. But corn is delicious but not easy to peel. Many people often use some wrong methods to destroy the nutrition of corn. Here are some tips to peel corn easily.

Method 1: first, break the corn into two parts from the middle, insert the sharp knife into the corn core, the deeper it is, the better. At this time, pay attention not to scratch it. With the deepening of the knife, the corn will be quickly divided into two parts, then pick up the corn section, and the side corn will be quickly peeled off.

Method 2: we can prepare a screwdriver, point the tip of the screwdriver at the root of the row of corn, then insert it, gently move it up, and the corn grain will fall down. At this time, we should also pay attention not to hold it too close, so as not to scratch the hand, or the corn is not eaten, and it is not worth the pain. After moving a row of corn at last, we can continue to peel along the vacant position, so it is much easier.

Method 3: after breaking corn into two parts from the middle, we stand the small part of corn on the chopping board, hold it well, press it down towards the root of corn with another hand, then cut it down towards the root of corn, turn the corn a little, and then continue to cut, finally cut it with a knife, each knife cut a row, and the shape of corn grain is very complete, and the corn core is also very cut Smooth.