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Want to peel eggs quickly? These tips teach you to peel cooked eggs quickly in three seconds

There is no wonder in the world. Do you know there are many ways to peel an egg in three seconds? You may not believe it, but it's true. Next, Xiaobian will introduce these artifact methods that can make you peel an egg completely in three seconds. Interested friends can learn from Xiaobian together and try these magic methods in practice later.

The first way to peel eggs quickly in three seconds: fill a fresh-keeping box with cold boiled water, then put the freshly boiled eggs in the fresh-keeping box, cover the lid of the fresh-keeping box, and shake it vigorously for a few times, you will find that when you take it out, you peel the eggs again, and the shell will peel off immediately. Do you think it's amazing?

The second way to peel eggs quickly in three seconds: knock a small hole on both ends of the boiled eggs, and then blow air on the larger end of the eggs with your mouth. The boiled eggs will be blown out completely by you soon. Maybe you won't believe it, but you did.

The third way to peel eggs quickly in three seconds: the methods just introduced to you are all some more magical methods. Now Xiaobian introduces a more grounded method to you. Take out the boiled eggs first, and then knock out the bulging part in the middle of the cooked eggs, knock out a small pit. Then put the cooked eggs on the table and roll them all around. Be sure to pay attention to your strength. Don't crush the eggs, as long as the surface of the shell is all broken. Then start to peel from the position of the small pit just knocked out. Make sure to peel the egg film together. You can completely sow an egg in less than two seconds.