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Face swelling destroys aesthetic feeling

There are always some unforeseen embarrassments come suddenly. After Meimei wakes up, the mirror can't recognize what's going on in the mirror? The face is swollen like a pig's head. No matter how advanced the makeup technique is, it can't cover up such a sudden situation. Is it possible to go to work and class with a swollen face? To be the object of ridicule? Of course not! I'll teach you some tips right away, so that you can quickly reduce swelling and change back to that beautiful fairy. Let's go and have a look.

Life rule is very important: irregular life is one of the causes of facial swelling. Staying up late for a long time will affect the metabolism of the body. For people who stay up late frequently and have a lot of pressure for a long time, the metabolism of the body will slow down, the waste in the body is easy to accumulate, and the sub-health problems will slow down the operation of the lymphatic system, resulting in the excess water can not be discharged in time, causing facial swelling, body swelling and other factors Because, so the normal law of life is very important. Also, don't drink too much water before you go to bed, or the water will be stored in the body, and the next day there will be swelling.

Detumescence action: first, pull the ear up, hold the other hand on the face of the pulled ear, and push it towards the ear. Then put your hands and fingers in the center of your forehead, and push them in the direction of the temple respectively, which can drain the excess water from your face, and finally return to the temple to massage the temple.

Hot towel for face dressing: hot towel can relieve facial muscles, dredge facial pores and lymph, and let the excess water in the face be completely discharged. Pay attention, generally, hot towel should be applied on the face for about 15 to 20 minutes, and the towel should be changed every five minutes, so that the towel is hot.

Black coffee detumescence: black coffee contains caffeine, which can help drainage and diuresis, and can quickly and effectively eliminate facial edema.