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Unity is strength, talent and talent

As the saying goes, "unity is strength", "one chopstick is easy to break, but one chopstick is not easy to break". No matter in study or work, a good partner will make success come faster and more efficient. No matter in the company or in the school's department organization, we are eager for competent talents, so how can we recruit them in a fast time What about the talent? The following method will tell you the answer, so that you don't have to worry about recruiting talents.

Formulate clearly defined 'selection criteria': formulate feasible and specific criteria that can be used as a reference, which can be used as a benchmark in recruitment, and can be used to quickly investigate, interview, screen, hire and save time to improve efficiency. Talents are not the better, but the better. The cultural spirit of the enterprise, the initial principles and the responsibilities of the post are all the basic requirements of recruitment.

Go out of the 'seller's market', establish a 'two-way choice' with a high sense of responsibility: when recruiting, it is necessary to find out the potential ability of the candidates and have a long-term vision. Enterprises also need to introduce the company's development prospect, current situation, etc. to the candidates in a practical and realistic way, and transform their identity into a career consultant, so as to analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and prospects of the job in this enterprise for the candidates. In this way, we can recruit the right talents to avoid wasting a lot of time.

The recruiter needs to have a high sense of responsibility: the recruiter needs to be responsible for the enterprise, and also needs to have a responsible attitude towards the candidate, establish a good concept, "excellence is not equal to suitability", not blindly pursue talents, but to find the right person for the enterprise, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of resources, and avoid the company falling into the vicious cycle of "recruitment, resignation and recruitment" Ring.