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Like to eat sweet corn? How to broadcast fresh corn quickly

In autumn, the fresh corn that many people like to eat will mature. In medicine, both Chinese medicine and Western medicine believe that corn has a high nutritional value. To eat more fresh corn in autumn is not only to prevent aging but also to fight cancer. But sometimes it's easy to cut corn kernels by peeling fresh corn kernels. What's the way to peel fresh corn kernels quickly and completely? In fact, it's not difficult. Next, I'll introduce some quick ways to peel the fresh corn. Let's have a look together.

The first way to peel corn kernels quickly is to use a sharp knife. First, break a corn from the middle and break it into two parts. Then the sharp knife is inserted into the corncob from the place where the corn is broken. Most of them are denakin, the deeper the better. , and then the corn is easily split in two. At this time, wave the corn from one side, and the corn grain will peel off quickly. It is necessary to pay attention to safety when using a sharp knife. You will get on your own hand if you are not careful.

The second way to peel corn kernels quickly is to use a screwdriver. It's better to find a longer screwdriver, insert the screwdriver from the root of the corn, all the way to the handle of the screwdriver, and then lift the screwdriver up, the row of corn grains will all fall. With a row of gaps, other corn grains can be easily peeled. The corn next to the row of corn grains can be peeled where there is a vacancy, and soon one corn will be peeled away. You can also use a fork, which can make several rows of corn fall off at one time, the same way as using a screwdriver.

The third way to peel corn kernels quickly is to use a peeling knife. Break the corn into two sections. If you make the larger corn, you can also break it into three sections. Then stand up the corn, use one hand symbol, and use the peeler to vertically insert the other hand from the root of the corn, which can peel off about two rows of corn at a time, and repeat the action until all the corn is peeled.