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Like fried chestnut? How to peel and fry chestnut quickly

In winter, we should eat more hot fried chestnut. It's a wonderful thing to eat a hot stir fried chestnut in the cold winter. But although chestnut is delicious, it's not easy to peel chestnut. What's the way to peel chestnut quickly? Next, Xiaobian will introduce a few quick ways to peel chestnuts. Friends who like to eat chestnuts will follow Xiaobian to learn.

The first way to peel chestnut quickly: first, draw a gap with your finger in the middle of the cross section of chestnut, then use your thumb and your index finger to pinch hard on both sides of the gap, and then squeeze it, so that the chestnut can easily open its mouth, and then use your hand to peel the shell of chestnut, and you can quickly eat fragrant and hot fried chestnut.

The second way to peel chestnuts quickly: first find a clean cloth, then wrap the fried chestnuts in Bree. Don't put too much at one time, and hold all the chestnuts in your hands. The chestnuts are in a closed state. Then find a hard and clean place, such as the floor, balcony, wall and so on. Finally, put the chestnuts wrapped in cloth in your hand and throw them to the place you are looking for. Pay attention to changing direction. Then you can open the cloth and eat the chestnuts. Maybe the chestnut you eat won't be complete, but it won't affect the taste, so you don't need to pursue perfection.

We need to pay attention to the fact that although chestnut is delicious, it can't be eaten more. The heat of fried chestnut is very high. If you eat too much, it will easily make you angry and increase your weight. And chestnut can not be eaten with beef, it is easy to cause vomiting symptoms, love to eat chestnut friends must pay attention.