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Baidu cloud disk downloads files too slowly. Let's teach you a way to speed up easily

Now Baidu cloud disk has been upgraded, and there is a VIP privilege to speed up the download, so the download speed of non VIP has become very slow. What method can we download files in Baidu cloud disk quickly? Next, you will introduce some quick download methods in Baidu cloud disk for you. Let's have a look at them together.

Baidu cloud disk quick download method 1: open VIP. As Xiaobian just said, the download speed of ordinary users like us is slow because of VIP privilege. If you often use Baidu cloud disk to download things, you may as well open a VIP privilege, and the download speed will be greatly improved. But opening a VIP will cost you money. It's about ten yuan a month, but it's not particularly expensive.

Baidu cloud disk fast download method 2: use third-party software download. First log in your baidu account and click the web address of WAP end of Baidu online disk. After entering, select the file you need to download, then right-click and select the option of using the third-party download tool to download. In this way, you can speed up the download speed through your own third-party download tools, and further improve the download speed of Baidu online disk. You can also use a browser to download yourself, but some people's IE browser and browser using IE kernel can't use the network end of Baidu online disk, so it's recommended to use Google to browse, and other browsers can.

Baidu network disk fast download method three: improve network speed. Many times the download speed is slow, not because of the limitation of the system itself, but because your network speed is too slow, it will cause the download speed to slow down. When using Baidu network disk to download things, try to close other software to improve the network speed.