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Learn how to recite questions and improve academic performance quickly

Many students in junior high school are worried about one thing: how to improve their academic performance. I don't know if the majority of students have paid attention to it. In fact, no matter in the college entrance examination or the senior high school entrance examination, many questions are done by themselves during various examinations, so I just didn't remember the answer. If you can recite all the questions you have done, you won't have to worry about your middle school entrance examination and college entrance examination at all. Next, I'll introduce the quick recitation method for you. Let's have a look together if you need.

First of all, I will introduce the method of reciting multiple choice questions. First write the answer to the multiple choice question in front of each question. It's better not to get too close to the question, cover the answer with your hand, and then do it yourself first. No, you can not choose. Then compare the answers. Don't recite what you've done right, because you already know how to do it. If you do something wrong or not, you should read the answer several times. It's better to only look at the right one. Recite more multiple choice questions at a time, so as to increase your memory.

Next, I will introduce the method of reciting big questions. First of all, before reciting the answers, you must understand them according to the correct answers. Only when you understand, can you remember better. In the first memory, we must try our best to remember the standard answer, which is close to the standard answer, so as to make your memory of this topic longer and deeper.

It should be noted that whether it is reciting multiple choice questions or reciting big questions, we must review more. People's memory time is limited by time. After the first recitation, you have to review it after three days. Recite it again. Then you can recite it every four days. Next, you will find that you have a longer and longer memory time for the topic.