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Chestnut is so delicious that everyone loves it. How to make raw chestnut peel quickly?

We've all eaten chestnut, and we all know that chestnut can be cooked or eaten raw directly, which has better nutritional value and more benefits. Can maintain our spleen and stomach, chestnut slurry has a very good effect on our spleen and stomach, for the elderly, can effectively treat dyspepsia. Eating chestnut raw can also cure diabetes, because chestnut is rich in dietary fiber, which can help alleviate the disease. Eating chestnut raw can also treat oral ulcers, which can be said to have many benefits.

But we are not very easy to eat raw chestnut in our life, because raw chestnut is so hard to peel, and often the pain in the hands has not been peeled. The fried chestnut sold outside is OK. It will open when you bite it. But that kind of chestnut adds a lot of saccharin and industrial products. Eating too much is not good for the human body. So let's eat the most primitive raw chestnut. What are the ways to make chestnut peel quickly? Come and have a look!

First of all, we can clean the chestnut we bought, then find a knife, and make a cross on each chestnut. You can use a kitchen knife or a knife to make a cross. The point to be aware of is that you should be careful not to scratch your hands, or you will lose more than you gain.

Second, after we have made a cut, we put the chestnut into the pot, add a little salt, then pour it into the hot water, cover it and soak it in the hot water for 15 minutes. After waiting for 15 minutes, we will find that the shell of the chestnut is easy to fall. Follow the cross that we used to open before, you can break off the chestnut shell with a light break. We can also put the chestnut into the refrigerator in advance, and then take it out and it will be very good to peel.