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What should I do if there are always black algae in the fish tank? A quick way to eliminate black al

We should all have fish in our family. Fish is a kind of creature with great ornamental value. No matter big or small fish tanks we have seen, when we raise fish, we also put some water plants in them. But no matter big or small fish tanks, we often find that there are black algae on them. Even if we change the water plants, there will be black algae in a period of time. What should we do? Let's see a quick way to eliminate black algae!

First of all, we need to change water frequently and feed less fish. One of the reasons for the emergence of black algae is that the water is too fat. If we don't change water for a long time, there will be a lot of phosphates and nitrates in it, which will produce black algae. Therefore, we need to change water frequently. We need to change one fifth or one quarter of the water every day. Nitrates and phosphates are broken down by the feces of the fish, so we need to feed the fish less and make it defecate less.

Second, increase the acidity of the water, because the acidic water will inhibit the growth of black algae. We can also reduce the temperature of the water, because the temperature of the water is too high, which will also make the growth of black algae more rapid. If there is a budget or the tank is large, buy a water cooler directly. If the tank is small or the budget is insufficient, put ice cubes or fans in the tank, which can Three to four degrees down.

Third, we can put black shrimp in the fish tank, feed them less and force them to eat algae. This method can effectively inhibit the harm of relatively light black algae. You can also put that kind of chemicals that are specially used to remove nitrates and phosphates. Reduce the light of the fish tank, you can turn down the light a little, you can inhibit the growth of black algae, but also save electricity!