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What are the rumors about humidifier? Is the humidifier running water or pure water?

In another four days, some cities in the north will start heating, so the humidifier can be used at this time, but how much do you know about humidifier? Some people say that humidifier will cause pneumonia, which is true or false?

Myth 1: humidifier + tap water = haze?

Be careful!

Home humidifier is the most common ultrasonic humidifier, humidification speed, uniform. Some experts have done experiments on it, adding purified water, mineral water and tap water respectively to monitor the air pollution. It turned out to be a real surprise!

+PM2.5 value of purified water = 20mg 0-50mg, air quality level I

+PM2.5 value of mineral water = 30mg, 51-100mg, air quality level II

+PM2.5 value of tap water = 340 mg > 300 mg, severely polluted

Many people will directly add tap water when using the humidifier, but the general advice in the humidifier's instructions is: do not add tap water, it is better to use pure water.

The humidifier sprays water into the air through ultrasonic wave to achieve humidification effect. These tiny atomized water droplets will enter the body with our breath, while the tap water contains magnesium, calcium and other mineral ions, as well as bleach (with bactericidal effect). These ingredients will spray into the air with the water mist and pollute the indoor air. If they are inhaled excessively for a long time Lung must be harmful to health. It can easily lead to allergies and various respiratory diseases.

So in order to ensure the cleanliness of the air, it is best to use pure water, or boil the tap water, and then add it after cooling.

Myth 2: humidifier + tap water can cause pneumonia and asthma?


It is said on the Internet that humidifier can cause pneumonia, because the water mist produced by humidifier can absorb the residual toxic pollutants such as mould, bacteria and decoration in the air, and then it is inhaled into the lung.

But in fact, the white powder left behind by the humidifier spray is what we often call scale. For a long time, the deposition in the humidifier will only affect the life of the humidifier equipment.

So the so-called "humidifier pneumonia" has no scientific basis and no such cases have been found so far. Moreover, asthma attack is affected by many factors. If it is caused by humidifier, there is only one possibility - caused by residual mold or some allergens in humidifier. As long as we clean the humidifier on time and keep it clean, this can be completely avoided.

Myth 3: the higher the air humidity, the better?

Not at all!

The higher the air humidity is, the better it will be! Because whether it is excessively dry air or excessively humid air, bacteria and viruses will have a chance.

40% - 60% humidity will make the human body feel more comfortable. In this humidity, the total number of bacteria, bacteria, mold and parasites in the environment is the least, which can also ensure the fresh air.

In addition to respiratory diseases, too much air is also very bad for arthritis patients. Because joints are the most sensitive part of the body to temperature and humidity (followed by skin), patients with arthritis need to pay special attention.

Since it's difficult to feel the humidity by yourself, it's recommended that you have a hygrometer at home and stop humidifying when the humidity is moderate.

Pay attention to these four points. Don't let humidifier become the main cause of disease


If not cleaned properly, the humidifier will become a bacterial jet

The water in the humidifier is not living water, and the indoor temperature is just easy to make a large number of microorganisms in the water multiply. If not replaced in time, the bacterial Corps will enter our respiratory tract together with the spray of water mist. In addition, if the humidifier is not cleaned for a long time, fungi or bacteria will grow on the inner wall, and some of the pathogenic bacteria will also mix into the water mist.

Therefore, the water in the humidifier must be replaced every day (all the remaining water shall be replaced), and the humidifier shall be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. If it is not used for a long time, the water in the water tank shall be drained and the parts of the humidifier shall be dried.


Add essential oil, disinfectant, Isatis, etc

Many people like to add fungicides, vinegar, isatis root, essential oil and so on to the water, hoping that the humidifier can have the efficacy of sterilization, disease prevention, sleep aid and so on. This method is not only ineffective, but also harmful! Although these drugs or essential oils are not harmful when taken or used on the skin, if inhaled into the bronchus and bronchi, there may be some consequences.


Don't let the humidifier work all the time. Leave it on for 2 hours and have a rest

As mentioned above, too high air humidity is not good for health. If it exceeds 90%, it will make the respiratory system and mucous membrane uncomfortable, reduce immunity, and cause children to suffer from influenza, bronchitis and other diseases. It is recommended to stop for a period of time every two hours and open windows to let the indoor air circulate.


Put the humidifier 1.5m above the ground for better results

The humidifier should be placed on a stable plane about 1.5m from the ground, so that the moisture can just linger in the body's range of activity to ensure the humidification effect. In addition, the humidifier emits moisture at a distance of about 1 meter. Therefore, it's best to place the humidifier away from the TV and other household appliances and furniture to prevent moisture.

Small reminder

Small reminder: people suffering from rheumatism, bronchitis and asthma should use humidifier carefully. They can communicate with doctors first to see if they are suitable for humidifier.