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Experience a better life, starting from eliminating sinusitis

When we have a cold, the stuffy nose will feel very uncomfortable, but compared with the patients with sinusitis, the pain is reduced a lot. Patients with sinusitis not only have a stuffy nose and runny nose, but also have chills and fever, general malaise, low spirits, loss of appetite, etc. So what's a good way to relieve sinusitis quickly? Let's talk about it.

The first way to relieve sinusitis is to use steam. Steam helps relieve congestion by diluting mucus. First, steam a bowl of hot water and towel. Add menthol or camphor to the water. Wrap the towel over your head and steam into the bowl. Most people do this until the steam dissipates. A hot bath can also relieve symptoms.

Rapid relief of sinusitis method 2: drink more water. Drink plenty of water and use humidifier or vaporizer. Liquid and humidification help thin mucus, accelerate excretion of sinuses, lubricate sinuses and keep skin hydrated, which is very important.

The third method of rapid relief of sinusitis is nasal washing. Nasal irrigation can effectively relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion. Gently rinse your nose with normal saline so that it doesn't cause bacterial infection. A salt water mixture can be bought off the shelf.

Four quick ways to relieve sinusitis: drink chicken soup. Maybe you think it's a myth. Many studies support the theory that chicken soup can help relieve nasal congestion. They have found that chicken soup can reduce the inflammation caused by nasal congestion and cold. They speculate that chicken soup has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help relieve nasal congestion.

Rapid relief of sinusitis 5: see a doctor. Nasosinusitis is not like a cold and fever. It will be better in two days. It is more difficult to cure. Drug treatment is absolutely necessary. When sinusitis attacks, more rest, bedroom should be bright, keep indoor air circulation, but to prevent direct blowing. At the same time, keep a cheerful disposition and pay attention not to overwork.