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Want to learn how to make delicious cakes? Let's see how to make cakes at home

It's a very interesting thing to make cakes. It's very happy to be able to eat for yourself. If it's to eat for the people you love, it's a wonderful thing, and it's also very fulfilling. But when you harvest happiness, you must have a little trouble. That's what the cake is and how to make the best cake. Let's learn with specific methods!

First of all, prepare the main materials, such as eggs, milk, flour and so on. We first beat the eggs and put the egg white into a larger bowl. If there is an egg whisk, we will beat it with an egg whisk. If there is no egg whisk, we will use three chopsticks to fight. After a while, we can produce a rich foam. In order to make the egg a little sweet, we can put a spoon of sugar and a little salt in the process of beating the egg, and fight it all the time. It usually takes fifteen minutes to fight. OK.

Second, the rest is the yolk. Put two spoonfuls of sugar in the yolk, then put a little flour and milk, pour in the egg white just beaten, mix up and down, and then pour in the other half of the egg white. We can preheat the pot in the rice cooker with boiling water for about a minute, put a little oil in it to prevent it from sticking, then pour the stirred things in, shake the pot, and shake the bubbles out of the pot.

Third, we close the lid of the rice cooker, press the cooking button, wait two minutes, cover the ventilated place with a towel, simmer for 20 minutes, and cook for another 20 minutes. The whole process, whether it's egg beating or electric rice cooker, can't have a drop of water, or it won't make a delicious cake.

After we make the cake, we can put our favorite fruits, cream, nuts, chocolate and so on on, isn't it very simple?