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How did tonsil inflammation do? What is the rapid treatment method?

Inflammation of the tonsil is a very hard thing, usually because of a cold or too much cold water to drink, which leads to inflammation of the tonsil. Some symptoms are especially painful when swallowing. Some symptoms are especially hot in the throat. Even if you can't eat a meal seriously, you may even have a fever. It will take a long time to get well. So how can we make tonsil inflamed quickly in our life? Come and have a look!

First of all, the first method is to use salt water. If you feel your throat is hot in the morning, you can wash it first. After washing it, prepare a cup of warm boiled water, and then add some salt into it. Rinse your mouth with this cup of salt water. It's better to have it in your mouth for about five minutes. The salt water has the function of clearing away heat and eliminating inflammation, which can relieve the pain very well. Before going to bed at night, you can also have salt water, and the pain symptoms will be much better the next morning.

The second method is to ask a friend to help you with a sterilized chopstick, then dip it into the water, then dip it into a little salt. The patient opens his mouth wide, and then makes a sound. Ask a friend to help put the chopsticks with salt into the mouth near the throat. Click twice in the tonsil. Be sure to move gently, or it will easily cause vomiting.

Third, use spray. There is a spray specially sold in the drugstore for the treatment of oral ulcer or tonsil inflammation. You can use such spray to spray it on your tonsil. After spraying, don't drink water and don't swallow it. Wait for about two or three minutes to make tonsil inflammation better faster.

Fourth, when tonsil is inflamed, pay attention to rest, do not stay up late, drink more water, and those stimulating food and food easy to get angry are also better not to eat.