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What about bad breath? What are some quick ways to get rid of halitosis

There are some people with halitosis in their life. They are not only uneasy and hesitant when they speak, but also embarrassed when others smell it. They are neither saying it nor saying it. Because of bad breath, many people miss some opportunities and gradually become inferiority. So how to treat halitosis quickly? Come and have a look!

First of all, we need to know the causes of halitosis. Some people don't brush their teeth for a long time. Some people have halitosis because they eat some stimulating food, such as garlic, curry, onion, leek, etc. others have halitosis because they have inflammation of the mouth, periodontitis, etc. others have halitosis because they have indigestion and poor gastrointestinal function People are a huge group.

The first method is to drink honey water. If you have bad digestion and constipation, you can drink a cup of warm honey water every morning or evening, because honey can moisten the intestines, relieve constipation, promote digestion, disinfect and kill bacteria, which is especially good for the bad breath.

The second way is to eat hawthorn. It tastes good. It is sour and sweet. For people with bad stomach and sour mouth, it has a good effect. It can also eliminate food residues accumulated in the stomach, promote digestion and effectively eliminate halitosis.

The third way is to drink tea. If you eat garlic, scallion, curry and other heavy taste things, it's better to drink a cup of strong tea immediately, put all the tea in the tea into your mouth and chew it, and then swallow it slowly. Tea can also eliminate bacteria in the mouth, and the effect of removing bad breath is very good. You can also drink a glass of lemonade after dinner, which has the same effect and keeps your breath fresh.