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There is a secret recipe for relieving cough and asthma. Say goodbye to cough

With autumn and winter coming, the weather of hot and cold has become the season of frequent diseases, and cough is the symptom of many diseases. There are endless ways to treat cough. Many cough patients have been dazzled and don't know how to choose. Today, Xiaobian has prepared some small recipes for the patients who are troubled by cough and cough. Let's take a look at these antitussive drugs The way to breathe.

Method 1: to stop coughing and asthma, we can choose 5 to 10 grams of fresh perilla leaves, wash them, drain them and put them into a bottle, add some honey, and soak them in a 40 degree liquor. Note that the liquor should not exceed the perilla leaves. If you are not fond of drinking, you can choose the following method: prepare 9g orange peel, 6G Sichuan Fritillaria, 12g Scutellaria, dry and grind them into powder together, take them three times a day, 6G each time. This method is applicable to the cough and asthma caused by the stagnation of lung meridians, burning body fluid for phlegm.

Antitussive method 2: if you think the above method is more troublesome, you can choose the antitussive method with ginger in your mouth, choose fresh ginger to wash, cut off a small piece first, then cut a 1-2 mm slice along the opening surface of ginger, at night, put 1-2 slices of ginger on one side of your mouth's cheek when you go to bed, and spit out the next day when you get up. At the beginning, your mouth will produce because of maladjustment If the throat is itchy in the process of containing ginger, you can gently bite the ginger slices with your teeth to let the ginger juice flow out into the throat, so as to inhibit the itching and dryness of the throat and reduce the cough.

Cough relief method 3: if you don't like the taste of ginger, you can choose the method of Bingtang and vinegar, 500g of Bingtang and 500ml of vinegar, fry until the Bingtang melts, and take it every morning and evening after cooling, 10ml, with good taste.