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How does skin itch do? Here's a little recipe to stop itching

Mosquito bites are extremely itchy and annoying. Scratching with your hands is not only unable to alleviate but also easy to cause infection. Scratching and bleeding are painful. What can you do to stare at the bite bag? Don't worry, Xiaobian will tell you a few safe and non-toxic anti itch recipes, which can ensure the effect of itching removal, safe and non-toxic. You can use them at ease. Let's go and have a look.

Antipruritic method 1: was bitten by mosquito in the home, without dew? No problem! We can use strong soap as well. No strong soap? It doesn't matter. We can quickly stop itching by dipping soap in water to smear the bite, because soap contains sodium salt of high-grade fatty acid. The sodium salt of this fatty acid is alkaline when it meets water, and H + is contained in the aqueous solution of formic acid. The two are neutralized to form H2O, so it can help us stop itching quickly. Please keep scratching pain and worry.

Antipruritic method 2: apply some ammonia water to achieve the effect of fast antipruritic, because the solution in ammonia water will also neutralize into H2O after neutralization, and then help us quickly antipruritic.

Antipruritic method 3: if the bitten place is itchy, soap and ammonia water can't achieve the antipruritic effect, we can use our fingers to give a flick at the bitten place, and then apply some drugs with antipruritic function, such as Fengyoujing and hualushui. In this way, the effect will be twice as effective. We can use salt water to smear on the bite. If there is a large area of itch, we can choose to brew. Salt water can soften the mass, so as to effectively stop itching.

Finally, it's the safest way. The juice in aloe leaves is also a good anti itch product. When there is redness and swelling in the bitten place, you can cut off a small piece of aloe vera, wash the fleshy one and break it off and wipe it back and forth in the redness and swelling place, so as to achieve the effect of reducing swelling and anti itching.