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What's the best age difference between husband and wife? Psychological experts say so

In this age of love regardless of status, status, family or even gender, it seems that age has become less important. However, many people often say that "women hold gold bricks when they are three years old", so there are also some people who prefer brother-in-law love. Although true love regardless of age, most female students seem to prefer boys who are more mature than themselves.

How old is the age difference between men and women? According to a follow-up survey conducted in Europe, the best couple model to maintain a strong marriage is that both men and women are highly educated and have no divorce history. At the same time, the men are more than five years older than the women.

The oldest male, oldest female

In the traditional concept of China, the marriage is generally large men and small women, because women lack a sense of security, need to be protected. When choosing a mate, women tend to choose the maturity of their father, the care of their brother and the vitality of their friends. But the husband is older, the psychology is more mature, the sentiment gives more freely.

Older husbands usually have a certain economic basis and can provide good material conditions for women. Many poor couples are sad about everything. Many men and women face all kinds of contradictions in the face of large expenses after marriage, and many of them go their separate ways because of economic problems.

As a result, older men are less likely to have financial disputes after marriage. When the husband is older, the women will naturally have a sense of dependence and obedience, reducing the competition of rights between husband and wife, and reducing the friction.

Although the relationship between men, women and children is the longest, we should also control the age difference. After all, the average life span of men is shorter than that of women. If the husband is much older than his wife, it may be that the husband will die and the wife will be alone. Therefore, it is best to control the age difference between men and women between 3-10 years old.

Love between brother and sister can also harvest sweet marriage

As the saying goes, "the third daughter holds the gold brick", in our country, there is also the phenomenon of big daughter-in-law and small husband. Although many men are young, their psychological age is very mature, while their wives are older, but their psychological age is still like a young girl.

Such a combination can also harvest a sweet marriage. In addition, some men are not very independent and want to continue to look for the feeling of being cared for by their mother, while their sister like wife can give them good care.

There will also be some disadvantages for the family of brother-in-law. Physically or psychologically, women age faster, while men are still in their prime years, so it is easy for men to resist the temptation outside marriage and make their families unstable In addition, many gossips will make the marriage encounter great impact, such as saying that men are not men, eating soft food and so on. Therefore, the men who choose to marry brother-in-law must have strong psychological tolerance.

Good communication between men and women at the same age

The same age of men and women means that men are the same age as women or men are under 3 years older than women. It can be said that in the modern concept, this marriage mode is undoubtedly the most ideal. The basis of the same age love lies in the psychological and physical coordination between the two sides, easy to establish intimate relationship, easy to interact frequently, easy to grow synchronously. They have the same needs, are equal and confident, and are more likely to get the support of their relatives and friends.

However, due to the similar social experience between lovers of the same age, when encountering life problems, it is often easy to be of one mind and one mind, and it is difficult to give effective guidance and suggestions. Therefore, it needs a long-term running in, so that both sides can think together, have a sharp heart, and form a common cognitive model.

Generally speaking, if two people really love each other, then height is not distance, age is not a problem. Love does not only focus on external conditions. The less external conditions are required, the more stable love will be.