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Use the right method to remove the keloids

If people have scars and pimples, they will undoubtedly be particularly ugly, which will make them feel very inferiority. In today's society, the exposed scars will affect a person's interpersonal communication, and scars will lead to introversion, autistic, inferiority, rejection of communication, personality quirks and other negative personality characteristics. To get rid of keloids, we should choose the best way according to the actual situation. There are many better ways to treat keloids in clinic. Let's see if they are suitable for us!

1. Stress therapy: if keloids appear in an important place that others hope not to see, it is very anxious. If the area of keloids is large and it is not suitable for radiotherapy or local treatment, then we need to use stress therapy. The time of each day is no more than 30 minutes. This method has no obvious effect on active keloids However, it can reduce the postoperative radiotherapy and injection dose.

2. Chemical therapy: it is mainly to use sterol preparation and inject it directly into scars, which can effectively resist collagen, so it can achieve the effect of degenerating scars and pimples. Of course, it will produce skin atrophy, capillary expansion and other side effects, so we should be careful when using it.

3. Radiotherapy: after the removal of keloids, we also need to use electronic irradiation or X-ray irradiation, which can effectively reduce the recurrence rate and improve the cure rate.

4. Laser treatment: it is suitable for flat scar and smallpox without obvious dysfunction.

5. Surgical treatment: it is not easy to treat keloids. Patients should know the treatment effect of keloids well in advance. Fine suturing after scar resection is suitable for small area of keloids. During the operation, fine operation can reduce the tension of incision, which can also reduce the secondary injury.

6. Take more vitamins. If there is keloid, we can choose the best treatment method according to the actual condition. At the same time, we can take more vitamins in our daily life, which can also play a good role in the auxiliary treatment.