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If you want to learn Cantonese quickly, these tips can help you easily

Cantonese is a kind of Chinese dialect, which is mainly used in Guangdong, Macao, Hong Kong and other places. With the development of tourism in these places, Cantonese is also becoming popular. Especially, there are many Cantonese songs that are very pleasant to listen to, and people want to learn Cantonese more. But there are many differences between Cantonese and Putonghua. It is not easy to learn Cantonese. How to learn Cantonese quickly? Next, the editor will introduce the quick learning method of Cantonese for you. Let's have a look at it together with friends who like Cantonese or want to learn it.

One way to learn Cantonese quickly: listen more. Learning a language starts from listening, and Cantonese is the language of China. Compared with foreign languages, it is easier to distinguish and learn. There are many Cantonese videos and songs on the Internet. You can often listen to them. If you listen to them more, you will. It's better to put yourself in the Cantonese environment, so that the listening effect is better and the learning is faster.

The second way to learn Cantonese quickly is to speak more. It's not very useful to just listen and not to say. It's only when you say what you hear everyday that you can learn more quickly. You don't need to learn as many as you need every day, even if you learn five sentences in one day. Just remember these five sentences, and then say it boldly. Many people are afraid that their pronunciation is not accurate, so they dare not open their mouth at all, for fear of being laughed at by others. In fact, this idea is very wrong. Only when you speak it out boldly can others help you correct your mistakes and make you learn Cantonese faster.

The third way to learn Cantonese quickly: look more. This view not only requires you to look at Cantonese pronunciation, but also requires you to look at other people's mouth shape. When others speak Cantonese, we should pay attention to their mouths and how they pronounce this sentence. Only in this way can we learn Cantonese more quickly.