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How to do fast running? How to teach pupils to run fast?

Fast running is an important sports item. Except for the backward places, many primary schools take fast running as one of the key teaching materials. It plays an important role in cultivating the mental and physical ability of primary school students. But the teaching of fast running is often tedious. The pupils have poor control ability, so they are not willing to learn obediently. So as a primary school physical education teacher, if the students can learn easily through the entertainment teaching method, can they stimulate their interest? Come and have a look!

First of all, we can teach the starting movement first, extend the front foot, left foot or right foot. In the process of teaching, students can naturally let their hands hang down, and teach the foot movement first. Pupils' ability of understanding is poor, and they can't understand the other hand very well, so they can wait until the senior grade to teach again, so the effect is better. If students always can't find where to put their feet, we can stick two standard footprints on the starting place, and then let the pupils find the footprints, so that they can remember the starting position very well.

Second, if we are in the middle and high age, we can play some competitive games, because if we train them as boring as the lower grade, they are easy to get bored, and then they are unwilling to practice. We can also take some game methods, but we need to have some more competitive games. We can make two students start at the same time, and then make a sound Order, two people start to run, see who runs fast, fast that gives appropriate praise or reward.

Third, on the way of fast running, we should correct the students' wrong arm swinging, and do not let the students' head back. We can tie a windmill to the forehead, and we must straighten our head to make the windmill turn up, which corrects the problem well.