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This is the right way to open up for girls. I don't believe you can't

It's hard to say it's difficult to chase a girl. It's easy to say it's not difficult. The key is to see if your method is right. Many people say that as long as you are sincere, you will definitely move her, in fact, not. Sincerity is important, but if you don't have a little routine, you don't have to go after girls, you won't succeed. What is the easier way to succeed in chasing girls? Next, Xiaobian will introduce some quick methods for chasing girls. Boys in need will come to learn from Xiaobian.

Fast way to catch up with a girl: chase and fight. Some boys are more introverted and shy, although they dare not tell a girl how they like her, so it is difficult to catch up, and even if they do, it will take a long time. If you decide to be a girl in the lumbar spine, you must make yourself thick skinned and show your love to her boldly. Then start to pursue persistently. I believe you will succeed in holding the beauty in a few days.

Fast way 2: romantic expression ceremony. If you really like this girl and are sure that she likes you, you can prepare a romantic advertising ceremony for her. It's better to choose a place with many people, in front of all people, loudly announce that you like her and you love her. I believe that under the witness of so many people, she will promise you on the spot.

Fast way three: always accompany. When she is in trouble, when she is sad, when she is happy & hellip; & hellip; no matter when you are around her. She is more sad than comforting her. When she meets difficulties, you help her. When she is happy, you laugh with her. When she happens, you are by her side. Soon she will find out that you are good to her, and will naturally accept you.