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How do you like sauerkraut? Do you know how to make it?

Pickles are the most famous in Sichuan. They have a refreshing taste, sour and spicy taste buds. Eating them in summer can relieve the summer heat, and eating them in winter can stimulate the appetite. It's a kind of food that people will always want to eat after eating. But we are not always in Sichuan. When a person leaves home, we always have to learn to do something by ourselves, just like the pickles made by our elders. That kind of skill can be passed down from generation to generation. So what is the delicious and fast way to make kimchi? Let's study together!

First of all, we need to buy vegetables first. The common kinds are cabbage, radish, carrot, cucumber, chili, ginger, etc. you can choose the kinds of pickles according to your own preferences. After choosing the pickles, we cut them all into strips or pieces, according to our own preferences or habits, and then let them hang in the shade for half a day to a day.

The second step is to find a big jar, wash the jar, pour a little wine into it, shake it, and then pour out the wine, turn the jar upside down for use. We prepare a pot without water and oil. Add three liters of clear water, pepper, star anise, cinnamon and ginger, boil them together, cool them thoroughly, pour them into the pickle jar, add salt and proper amount of wine.

The third step is to put all the cut vegetables into the jar. The vegetables must be soaked by the juice. Close the lid, pour some water into the sink around the lid, and put it in the shade. Generally, they can be eaten in a week or so. At that time, the taste is just right. If you can't finish eating them in ten days, you can take them out and put them in the sealed box for cold storage. Then you can store them as soon as possible After eating, is it delicious and simple?