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Want to make a steamed bread, if in five minutes fast fermentation flour?

No matter what kind of pasta we make, we need to ferment. Only when we ferment the pasta, can we make soft and delicious pasta. But in life, many people don't know how to ferment flour, or even the time of fermenting flour is very slow, so what should we do to make flour ferment quickly? Come and have a look!

First of all, we can't add too much flour. If we make our own flour, we can add more flour. Generally, five to fifteen grams of yeast can be added to a jin of flour. If yeast is used, we can melt it with warm water, then put it into flour and mix it together. After mixing, put the dough in a warm place. If there is no warm place, it can be directly sealed by water Second, we can add some salt properly when mixing noodles, so that yeast can reproduce faster, produce more carbon dioxide, and make the noodles more soft and delicious. If we add a little beer to the noodles, the effect will be better.

Third, we need to choose the right yeast, generally there are three kinds, baking soda, noodles, dry yeast powder. First of all, baking soda is not recommended, because it does not release rich carbon dioxide. It is not recommended by the old man, because it will produce sour taste during fermentation. One of the most recommended is yeast powder, with which the nutritional value of pasta is higher.

Fourth, the amount of fermentation powder should not be less. If it is used more, it will not have any harm. It can improve the fermentation speed, so it is better to use more than less. And when using yeast, it must be boiled with warm water first, so as to ferment faster. And surface temperature should also be noted, do not use boiled water, do not use cold water, generally about 30 degrees best.