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How to grow small saplings into big trees

Trees are good helpers to purify the air and beautify the environment in our life. They light up a touch of green for our life, bring us a good environment, but also bring a lot of economic benefits. Planting trees is a kind of technical work. No matter the varieties of trees or the careful nourishment in the later stage, we need to work hard to grow a thriving tree. Now, Xiaobian is going to teach you how to make trees grow fast, so that your young trees will grow fast one day.

The most popular method of planting trees is to dig a round pit with a diameter of xcm and a depth of xcm. Then put the saplings into the pit. Next, fill the soil and then water the tree pit. However, most of the roots are more than 50cm from the ground, so it is difficult for water and rain to penetrate into the roots. Under such conditions, trees can only absorb nutrients from the wet soil, and can not get the maximum growth needs, so they can not grow really fast.

How can we make trees not only drink enough water, but also eat fat? A new scientific tree planting method to be brought by Xiaobian is as follows:

First, dig a convex pit with length of xcm, width of xcm and depth of xcm. When planting large seedlings, dig a large convex pit. When planting small seedlings, dig a small convex pit. Then put the saplings into the big pit of the convex pit.

Then, we need to fill the large pit of the convex pit and fill the small pit of the convex pit with fertilizer (human and animal manure, etc.). Then fill the large pit of convex pit with soil, and fill the small pit of convex pit with fertilizer for 2 / 3. At this time, we will compact the soil around the saplings. Then water the little pit of fertilizer. It is worth noting that in order to create good objective conditions for the growth of trees, we had better keep the distance between trees within 3-4m (meters).

The advantage of this new tree planting method is that both water and rainwater can flow into the roots of trees, and the new fertilizer pit also makes the trees not lack nutrition. In addition, once the distance between each tree is enlarged, the first fire site is small, and the second is easy to put out, so we can reduce the degree of damage.

The above is the rapid growth method of trees brought by Xiaobian. After looking at the new tree planting methods above, do you think the young trees can grow rapidly under careful care? If you want to witness the miracle of growth, go and buy a small sapling to plant!